This blog is created to share my experience as a former debt collection officer/manager for a financial institution for several years. The said “experience” shall be presented in the point of view of both Debtors and Creditors. I shall be sharing the finer details of the collection process to give a better understanding on how it is done.

This is due to the fact that some Debtors are ignorant of their rights and laws regarding loan recovery and are often “bullied” by the Creditors normally Banks, especially Debt Collection Agencies with their threat of “legal action”. By understanding the procedures involved, it is hoped that Debtors would be able handle the stress of non payment of Debt in a calm manner, that is not resorting to manic depression tendencies.

The blog also discusses other debt matters, economic matters especially the debt based economy and other related topics of “interest”. Hopefully it would beneficial.

A Bahasa Melayu version of this blog can be found at https://ceritahutangbankdananda.wordpress.com/



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